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Chris's Graduation (8th Grade)

Kim & Chris at Chris's Graduation

Christian, Rachel and Nicholas. Kerry and Ray's children (Kim's niece and nephews)

Sparky helping in the office

Ted Bockman hard at work
(Kim's Dad)
Chip and Amanda Bockman with 
Kathryn in Europe

(Kim's Brother, Sister-in-law and Niece)

Kathryn at 19 months old
(Kim's Niece, Chip and Amanda's first born)

Ed & Bev Reynolds in Colorado
(Charles' Aunt and Uncle)

Chris with his new cousin Grace Ann Bockman, born 5/11/2001 to Chip and Amanda, weighing in at 7'10"

Ray, Rachel, Christian, Kerry and their new arrival Nicholas, born 5/6/2001 weighing 7'8"

Our Little House in Santa Cruz 
(Kim, Charles, Eric & Chris)

Back Yard

Help in the office...they're paid too much!
Sparky the cat, Duke the red and Hannah the chocolate lab

And then, here is the Copy Cat-Sparky 
right in the middle as usual!

Sparky helping with the new greenhouse window    

Sparky Rules!
Kathryn's Mother's Day Photos 5/04: