We are in Hawaii...here are the photos we took:
(click on image for a larger view)

Day 1...we just arrived

View out front of the condo Entry to condo

KimInCondo.jpg (66858 bytes)

Kim By our rental car Kim in condo

Day 2

SmallBay.jpg (92918 bytes)

SugarMill.jpg (50268 bytes)

Just another beach

Sugar Mill

ChrisAJ.jpg (70986 bytes)

SugarMill2.jpg (78379 bytes)

Chris & AJ

Sugar Mill

AJ.jpg (86641 bytes)

Chris's Friend AJ

Day 3
Dole.jpg (61822 bytes) Dole2.jpg (139855 bytes)
Dole Plantation Dole exhibit
honolulu.jpg (40683 bytes) memorial.jpg (31712 bytes)
Honolulu from Sand Island Pearl Harbor Memorial
hanauma.jpg (167595 bytes) Scary.jpg (103037 bytes)
Hanauma Bay Scary Thought
sub.jpg (58216 bytes)
Bowfin at Pearl
Day 4
CheckOutWaimea.jpg (95451 bytes) WaimeaLifeGuard.jpg (53373 bytes)
Checking out Waimea Waimea Life Guard
WaimeaSigns.jpg (49572 bytes) ShoreBreak.jpg (48084 bytes)
Waimea Bay, no problem, right Sponger in Shorebreak (during)
FishFeeding.jpg (119977 bytes) ShoreBreakAfter.jpg (58338 bytes)
Waimea Falls Fish Feeding by 
the two Troublemakers
Sponger in Shorebreak (after)
Falls.jpg (136063 bytes)

Falls2.jpg (122518 bytes)

Waimea Falls Program Waimea Falls Diver at the ready
WaimeaFallsDiver.jpg (105471 bytes)
Waimea Falls Diver Diving

Day 5

Halaiwa.jpg (270941 bytes)

BoysRoom.jpg (228433 bytes)

Didn't do much today.  Went to Haleiwa to get gas in the car, drove to the end of the road and took a photo of the two piglets room...will probably wind down the number of photos as entering the vegetative stage of the vacation.

Day 6
Didn't do much today either,  Boys went to Waimea, then the hotel local beach.  Had dinner with Carl in Haleiwa

Dscn0067.jpg (145532 bytes) Dscn0068.jpg (87841 bytes)
Boys snorkling...
or supposedly snorkling
(being where they shouldn't be...imagine that!)
Charles' cousin Carl, showed up
for dinner at Haleiwa Joe's
(Note: smilin' Chris...it's been fun!)

Last Day/dinner again in Haleiwa at Jamiesons

AJ - Neighbor dogs 
after him
Restaurant for 
last dinner
AJ and Chris Ready to eat
More sunsets...ho, hum...